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Toughened Laminate

Much stronger than regular laminated glass for applications such as overhead glazing and swimming pool windows. EVA and SGP laminate film is also available.



EVA is a lower the cost interlayer suitable for standard laminate and toughened laminate applications.

It has advantages over traditional PVB, due to its higher adhesion to glass and other substrates and non-absorption of water.

It is especially suited to outdoor balustrading and overhead glazing where the added strength of SGP is not required.



SGP is an ionoplast interlayer that displays incredible strength and tear resistance.

SGP laminated glass has 5 times the tear resistance and 100 times the rigidity of standard laminates.

It is especially suited to high strength engineered glass solutions that require increased security or strength or reduced weight.



Samples are sent to kararay for testing. See specifications 


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